Rocking Polka Dots Like Taylor Swift April 03 2014, 0 Comments

Everyone from style bloggers to A-list celebrities have been rocking polka dot prints this summer. Polka dots are so retro and fun, it’s no wonder we keep seeing this cute trend popping up! American singer Taylor Swift is one celebrity who has perfected the art of coordinating outfits with polka dot patterns.


Taylor Swift wears polka dot 1


During an interview and performance on ABC’s “The View”, Taylor wore a vey neat white top with medium-sized black polka dots. Dress up the 3/4 sleeve shirt by wearing it with a classic skirt like Taylor did, or dress it down by wearing the polka dot top with jeans or leggings.


Taylor Swift wears polka dot 2


Taylor has been spotted (pardon the pun), in polka dot dresses through-out the years, and yet she still rocks them time after time! Retro looking dresses are suitable for almost any function or event, even if you’re not a world-famous singer.


HOW-TO GUIDE to rocking polka dots

So how can you rock polka dots like Taylor Swift?
Wearing polka dot prints with solid colours is a fool-proof way to work trendy polka dots into your wardrobe. If you’re daring you can mix your polka dots with stripes and other patterns, but for a classic vintage look, one print per outfit is more fitting. If you’re wearing a black and white polka dot print, use one of Taylor’s fashion secrets; wear one thing that’s red. A red belt, red shoes, or even red lipstick will take an otherwise monochrome polka dot outfit from just pretty to celebrity worthy!